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My Review:- 3/5

Genre: Action - Romance

Theatre watched : Galaxy 70MM

Pre release Expectations :
As this is the last biggest movie of this summer,all eyes are on Iddarammayilatho...Scintillating music by Devi,Puri-Allu Arjun combination,Terrific trailer eventually raised hopes on Iddarammayilatho...!!!

Did it reach the expectations ???

My Review :- 
Iddarammayilatho is a routine revenge drama with stylish fights,couple of twists and couple of well shot songs...Other than that it offers nothing new...!!!

Highlights:- .
Allu Arjun is constantly improving as an actor and dancer and his performance in Iddarammayilatho proves it.His dances in 'Top Lechipodhi' are of top notch.
Amala Paul and Catherine did their jobs perfectly and they well fitted into their roles.
Devi sri prasad rendered the scores beautifully and couple of songs are well shot.
Fights are well directed by Kecha and pre interval fight is extraordinary. 
Good cinematography by Amol Rathod.
Pre interval fight sequence is very well picturized.

Disappointments:- .
It is a known fact that puri never relies on story but this time he seemed to have concentrated less on the dialogues as well.
Poor script and it lacked substance.
Brahmanandam fails to enthrall the audiences with his comedy.
Ali is wasted in the movie and it became an usual act for puri.
Ganapati Bappa song is poorly shot.
Second half is very boring. 

Engaging moments:-
Allu Arjun dancing for Megastar Chiranjeevi's "Gang leader" song will be a feast for Mega fans and the dialogue following it is "Edo anandham kosam dance cheyatame kaani ,boss range ni evaru match cheyaleru". 
Pre interval fight sequence is very engaging.  

Rating(Out of 5)
Heroine & Other cast
Direction & screenplay
Music & Re recording
Entertainment quotient
Production values
Novelty factor                                                           

 verdict :- Iddarammayilatho is just an average flick with stylish fights,good music and couple of twists...Box office range depends on how mass audiences receive it...!!!

Film status at Box Office:-
Openings are very good as it had a huge release...!!!

Bottomline:- STRICTLY AVERAGE...!!!

Final verdict:-  Flop

Share Collected:- 31.13 Cr