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My Review:- 2.5/5

Genre: Comedy - Romance

Theatre watched : Eeshwar 70MM

Censor Rating : "U" 

Run time : 145 Min

Pre release Expectations :
"Masala" movie is a remake of bollywood hit film "Bol Bachchan"...Both the heroes in this movie Venkatesh and Ram are in serious need of a hit after their previous disasters "Shadow","Ongole Gitta" and "Endukante Premanta"...Family director Vijay bhaskar is directing this flick and lets see how well this movie caters to the audiences???

Did it reach the expectations ???

My Review :- 
Though "Masala" offers some funny moments and good one liners from Venkatesh...Antiquated story ,Bad screenplay and terrible climax brings down the overall viewing experience...On the whole "Masala" fails to find the right ingredients...!!!

Venkatesh is brilliant in this movie with good comedy timing.His one liners in butler English are absolutely hilarious. 
Ram did a fine job in both the characters as Ram and Rahman.
Dialogues by Anil Ravipudi are good especially those butler English dialogues which stood as the central highlight of the film. 
First half is nimble and entertaining.
Jai prakash reddy did a very good job.

Vijay Bhaskar's screenplay is very bad and a Makki -to- Makki remake of "Bol Bachchan".Every scene is predictable.Not much to speak about the directional skills as he used COPY- PASTE mechanism .
Second half is boring and dragged.
Both the heroines Anjali and Shazahn don't get much to do in this movie.
Climax is terrible.
Fights are very unrealistic and cheap.
Thaman's music is unbearable.
Production values are pretty cheap.
Kovai Sarala is over reactive in this movie especially in her dances for item numbers.
Editing work is not up to the mark.
Outdated Storyline.

Engaging moments:-.   
Venkatesh One liners in butler English are hilarious.

Rating(Out of 5)
Heroine & Other cast
Direction & screenplay
Music & Re recording
Entertainment quotient
Production values & Editing
Novelty factor                                                           

 verdict :- On the whole "Masala" is a below average movie with some funny moments and good one liners from Venkatesh...Outdated story,unrealistic fights,terrible climax,bad music lets the movie down...!!!

Film status at Box Office:-
Openings are okay...!!!

Bottomline:- "MASALA" GHATU TAGGINDHI...!!!

Final verdict:-  Utter Flop.

Share Collected:- 11.46 Cr.