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My Review:- 3/5

Genre: Thriller

Theatre watched : Eeshwar 70MM

Censor Rating : "U" 

Run time : 122 Min

Pre release Expectations :
"Bhadram" movie is a dubbed version of tamil film "Thegidi" directed by Ramesh with Ashok and Janani Iyer essaying the lead roles in the movie...This movie went on to become a hit in Tamil Nadu and won critical acclaim too...It has good amount of expectations as it is coming from the makers of Pizza and Villa(Pizza - 2)...Let's see how telugu audiences receive it???

Did it reach the expectations ???

My Review :- 
"Bhadram" movie is a well made thriller with engrossing elements told in a novel way...Slackened pace in the second half lets down the overall viewing experience...On the whole,an appreciable attempt...!!!

Ashok in the lead role gave a very good performance.He is quite natural.
Ramesh as a director needs to be appreciated for his attempt.Very well handled.
Background score by Nivas is a big asset to the movie.
First half is very crisp and good.
Different story with novel execution.
Editing work is very good.
Cinematography by Dinesh is decent.
Less run time. 
Movie's pace in the second half slowed down a bit.
Climax scenes are quite predictable.It could have been better if there is any surprise element towards the end.
Lack of commercial elements.
No entertainment.
Heroine Janani Iyer is a wrong find for this movie.
Restricted to 'A' class audiences.

Engaging moments:-.   
Interval scenes are engaging.

Rating(Out of 5)
Heroine & Other cast
Direction & screenplay
Music & Re recording
Entertainment quotient
Production values & Editing
Novelty factor                                                           

 verdict :- "Bhadram" movie is a well executed thriller...Other than the slackened pace in second half,it is a good movie to watch for this weekend...!!!

Film status at Box Office:-
Openings are below average...!!!

Bottomline:- APPRECIABLE ATTEMPT...!!!

Final verdict:-  Average.

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