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Bhale Bhale Magadivoy

My Review:- 3.5/5

Genre: Comedy - Love

Theatre watched : Vishwanath 70MM

Censor Rating : "U" 

Run time : 144 Min

Pre release Expectations :
Nani is making desperate attempts to come back to success grove...This time it is a safe decision to act in a movie directed by Maruthi as he is having a very good success rate...Lavanya is playing female lead...UV creations and Geetha arts are jointly producing this movie...Theatrical trailer released is very promising and hinted of a success before hand...Let's see whether this movie turns lucky charm for Nani???

Did it reach the expectations ???

My Review :- 
This short period is turning out to be very fruitful for tollywood with Baahubali,Srimanthudu and Cinema Chupista Maava turning out to be money spinners at the box office...Now Bhale Bhale Magadivoy too joins the list...This is a perfect come back film for Nani...Very good entertainer...!!! 

'Natural star' tag is introduced for Nani with this movie and it is perfectly apt for him.His comedy timing is absolutely spot on.
Lavanya is very good.
We keep on talking about Rajamouli's,Vinayak's but Maruthi is one director who got 100% success rate that too with star less movies.Story and the point which he chooses to present is always new.Very well presented movie.
Gopi Sundar's music is fresh.
First half is entertaining.
Cinematography is good.
Naresh,Sitara,Ajay did their job well.

Second half is little lagged with comedy of errors.
Climax could have been better by avoiding unnecessary fight.

Engaging moments:-.   
First half is very fast and entertaining. 

Rating(Out of 5)
Heroine & Other cast
Direction & screenplay
Music & Re recording
Entertainment quotient
Production values & Editing
Novelty factor                                                           

 verdict :- "Bhale Bhale Magadivoy" is the film which will certainly strike a chord with all set of audiences...A very well made movie by Maruthi...!!!
Film status at Box Office:-
Openings are very good..!!!

Bottomline:- BHALE BHALE MOVIE...!!!

Final verdict:- Block Buster.

Share Collected:- 27.82 Cr.