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My Review:- 2.5/5

Genre: Romance - Action

Theatre watched : Vijetha 70MM

Censor Rating : "U/A" 

Run time : 138 Min

Pre release Expectations :
"Gang" is the dubbed version of tamil movie "Thaana Serndha Koottam" which is an official remake of super hit hindi film "Special 26"...Vignesh Shivn is the director...Suriya paired up with Keerthi Suresh for the first time...Anirudh is the music composer...Ramya Krishna played an important role...UV Creations is presenting this flick in telugu...Let's see whether this movie lives up to the original or not???

Did it reach the expectations ???

My Review :- 
"Gang" did well in adopting the main theme of "Special 26" but the addition of mass elements did not work in their favour...Inclusion of corruption theme is not executed well...An average movie on the whole...!!! 

Suriya is impressive. He is brilliant in emotional scenes.
Ramya Krishna gets an other good role after Baahubali and she is up to the task.
Cinematography is good.
Vignesh Shivn did not opt to remake each and every scene rather he tried to add his elements to the original, which needs to be commended.

Since director added his own elements to the original script, it lacked intensity.
Keerthi Suresh is limited to songs.
Anirudh music is too loud.
BGM is not that impressive.
Climax doesn't blend with the movie and proceedings.
Lot of mass elements.
Karthik goes over board with his acting.
Second half is slow and has a lot of dragged moments. 

Engaging moments:-.   
Dummy recruitment scene.

Rating(Out of 5)
Heroine & Other cast
Direction & screenplay 
Music & Re recording
Entertainment quotient
Production values & Editing
Novelty factor                                                           

 verdict :- "Gang" lacks intensity compared to the original...Weak second half and climax are the spoilers...On the whole,an average movie...!!!
Film status at Box Office:-
Openings are average...!!!

Bottomline:- ANTHA "SPECIAL" EMI KADHU...!!!

Final verdict:- Flop.

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